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Hydrology - Irrigation - Drainage

Hydreau is a specialist engineering consultancy providing the following skills:

  • Hydrology and Environmental Water Engineering

  • Mechanical Water Engineering

  • Irrigation and Drainage Engineering

  • Planning and legislative advice

Hydreau provides these skills to:

  • Architects and Landscape Architects

  • Budget Holders & Project Sponsors

  • Clients

And in the following environments:

  • New and restored landscapes

  • Historic and designated landscapes

  • Built environment

  • Natural habitats

  • Sports environment and golf

  • Horticulture and agriculture

Hydreau Ltd is a small practice with a range of very specialist engineering skills providing everything needed in order to source water, quantify its use (or disposal), store it, and move it from one place to another in an environmentally sound manner. Such water use might be for irrigating covered crops in the Arabian Peninsular, for water-sports in South America, or for filling the iconic Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain in London's Hyde Park. Hydreau designs boreholes, river abstraction systems and reservoirs. Hydreau designs deep and civils drainage systems and land drainage systems.

In the United Kingdom, Hydreau provides hydrological analysis and technical expertise in the restoration of historic landscapes, particularly mediaeval and pre-19th Century waterscapes, lakes and drainage systems, as well as pumped systems of a later age.

Hydreau Ltd consults, designs and contract manages for clients worldwide, bridging the gap between a project's desires and its outcomes.

Welcome to our website. Please browse the pages and look at our galleries of sample work. For clarity of any of our work, or to make an enquiry, please contact us all as below.

Many thanks

Marcus White - April 2017

Landscape & municipal irrigation
Landscape irrigation
Borehole design
Historic lakes restoration
Historic waterscape restorations
Civils drainage
Reservoir Engineering
Pumping & control systems


Blackbird Cottage  Main Street  Ewerby Sleaford  Lincolnshire NG34 9PH   United Kingdom

Tel: 0333 600 7005

Mob: 07904 526307

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